Lockdown is lifted. Parents can now arrive at campus and pick up their children.






Little Disciples Preschool Lockdown update:

Your child is safe.

Our preschool is still in lockdown procedure. Your child is safe in their safe room.

Police are on our campus.

We have been notified by the police department that our school is NOT in imminent danger. 

However picking up your child is NOT permitted until lockdown has been lifted.

The lift of our school lockdown will be given to us from the Police Department.

Your child is calm, happy and have received a snack.

Thank you for your patience. We will email and text you as soon as lockdown procedure has been lifted. 

Mrs. Bernstein, Preschool Director.




Everyone in our school is safe.

We received a call at 10:55am from the Village of Palmetto Bay Police Department informing us that we are to initiate lockdown procedure. The police department informed us that there was a suspect at large in a nearby area. The suspect has NOT been seen on our campus. After receiving this call, our school immediately went in lockdown procedure by authority of the Village of Palmetto Bay police. We believe every nearby school has been contacted.

By procedure, and for everyone's safety, picking up your child is NOT permitted at this time. Your child is locked inside their "safe room".

We are not permitted to open the doors of the classroom at this time.

We also cannot recommend any parent arriving on campus until further notice. We will keep you posted by email and text.

Our security team is on campus and all safety measure are in effect.

Once we have been notified from the police department that lockdown has been lifted we will contact you by text and email.

Your children are safe. Please stay tuned as we will continue to share more information as we receive it.

Virginia Bernstein,

Preschool Director.